The series of Semigroup Theory via Functional Calculus

The series of Semigroup Theory via Functional Calculus

Simon Joseph a,* , Ahmed Sufyan b

aUniversity of Bahr El-Ghazal , Faculty of Education , Department of Mathematics , South Sudan .
bMinistry of Education , Department of Mathematics , Sultanate Oman .

Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

Present panorama of the sequence of operators classes with their associated functional calculi , relevant in semigroup theory : the sequence of operators of halfplane , strip ,sector and parabola-type . It is shown that the basic results in the theory of C0-semigroup (the Hille-Yosida and the Trotter-kato theorem) follow easily from general functional calculus principles by Markus Haase [9] . The introduction of parabola-type sequence of operators allows to treat cosine the sequence of operators functions by functional calculus methods .

Keywords:C0-semigroup , Functional calculus , Hille – Yosida , Trotter – Kato .

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Simon Joseph and Ahmed Sufyan. The series of Semigroup Theory via Functional Calculus. Research Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science, 2018; 2:14.


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