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Using Fuzzy Evaluation Decision Model to Assess the Operation Scheme of Taxi in Shanghai Pudong Airport

In order to investigate the decision of the airport taxi driver whether to return to carry passengers, we established a fuzzy evaluation decision model based on the analytic hierarchy process, combined with the application analysis of Shanghai Pudong Airport. Based on the selection and quantification of decision indicators, we used the AHP method to calculate the weights to eliminate indicators and optimize the indicator system. Then, a two-level fuzzy evaluation model was established, and the Bayesian discriminant verification model was more reasonable. Finally, based on the data analysis of Shanghai Pudong Airport, combined with 16 different airport decision-making situations, the model was used to obtain the no-load return trips and the membership of waiting passengers. We compared and selected the larger membership value as the decision. Besides, the dependence of the model was analyzed, and it was found that the main dependent factors for decision-making were the number of flight arrivals and the driver’s arrival time. After solving the above, we provide relevant basis for the decision of airport taxi drivers.

An Analysis of The Traditions of Origin of Ughoton: the Seaport of Old Benin Kingdom

This paper wholistically examines the issues relating to the origin of Ughoton in the earliest times. It analyses the political anxiety, crises, conflicts misrule, anarchy which characterised the reign of Ogiso Owodo. It assesses the circumstances surrounding the birth of Prince Ekaladerhan, and his banishment. It discusses the role of oracle in Benin traditional institutions. Finally the paper also examines how Ughoton was founded in the eleventh century. The researcher obtained data from primary and secondary sources. Archival materials and oral interview constituted the primary sources while the secondary sources were books, newspapers, articles, theses and dissertations. It was found that the manipulation of the oracle’s divinations was a factor in the foundation of Ughoton. It was also found that from the numerous wives of Ogiso Owodo, only Imade gave birth to a child Prince Ekaladerhan. Prince Ekaladerham was banished and he eventually founded Ughoton in the eleventh century.

Obafemi Awolowo and His Contributions to Socio Economic Development of Nigeria: 1948-1966

This study examines the personality and contributions of Chief Obafemi Awolowo to socio – economic development of Nigerian between 1948 and 1966.. The study found out that Chief Obafemi Awolowo was a Nigerian nationalist and statesman who played a significant role in Nigeria’s independence movement during First and Second Republics. The study notes that Chief Obafemi Awolowo was thrice a major contender for Nigeria’s highest office. He was a key player in the intra-party power tussle that erupted in 1962 that led to disturbances in Western Region House of Assembly. Also, the study examines major challenges faced by Chief Obafemi Awolowo and how he eventually became the Federal Commissioner of Finance and the Vice Chairman of the Federal Executive Council in 1966. The study employs primary and secondary source materials including books, journal articles and other scholarly publications to interrogate the study. It concludes that Awolowo was responsible for much of the progressive social legislation that made Nigeria a modern nation today.

A Historical Analysis of Dutch-Benin Trade Relations, 1593-1741

This paper examined the nature of trade relations between the Benin Kingdom and the Dutch between 1593 and 1741. It documented and analysed the features of Benin-Dutch trade; the major items of trade and means of exchange; as well as the terms of the Dutch-Benin Trade Treaty of 1715. The paper further interrogated the causes of the breakdown of trade relations between the two countries in 1741. Data for the study was obtained extensively through archival materials as primary sources; and books, newspapers, articles, theses, dissertations and journals as secondary sources. The paper found out that trade was the hallmark of Benin-Europeans’ relations between the 1440s and 1741. It observed that the trade contact between Benin and the Dutch started around 1593 and declined around 1741. It concluded that the trade relations brought mutual benefits to both parties: great prosperity and fame to the Benin kingdom; and economic buoyancy to the Dutch.

Transaction Costs and Optimal Liability Rule in the Context of Hadley v Baxendale (1854)

This paper uses a signaling game model to address the debate between limited liability rule and unlimited liability rule in the context of the case of Hadley v Baxendale (1854). This paper compares the levels of net social surplus obtained by the two legal rules under different sets of parameter values. The parameters investigated are the level of transaction cost in communicating the private information regarding the valuation of the contract, the proportion of low valuation versus high valuation promisees, the extra cost of achieving a high performance of contract relative to a low performance by promisors and, the gap between high valuation and low valuation of contract performance. The paper finds that the optimal liability rule depends on the parameter values. When there are many low valuation promisees and transaction cost is low, limited liability rule is better. When there are many low valuation promisees and transaction cost is high, both rules perform equally well. When there are many high valuation promisees, unlimited rule is better irrespective of the level of transaction cost. Finally, when there is high valuation differential relative to performance cost differential, the set of parameter values under which the unlimited rule performs better becomes larger.

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