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    Purpose: The study investigated the librarians’ use of Social Media for library service delivery in the university libraries in Nigeria. Methodology: The research adopted the descriptive design survey. The sample size of this research study comprised of (40) forty librarians from Federal University Otuoke and Niger Delta University, wiberforce iland, both in Bayelsa State. A well self-structured questionnaire was used to collect data. Findings: The Friday showed that social media tools were used among Librarians for sharing posting and disseminating of inaugural lecture, conference via You-Tube for other academic improvement. The finding revealed that Facebook was most consulted social media tool among librarian in the variously libraries. Closely followed were YouTube, Instant Message and Twitter respectively. The finding indicated that lack of awareness and the unreliable power supply were the two major challenges librarians faced while using social media to provide services in the university library. Closely followed was the low bandwidth. The study revealed that overdue notices, reference service, marketing and promotion of information products, displayed of new arrival of collection were some of the major services rendered by librarian in the university librarian in Nigeria. Originality: The result of this research will be beneficial to the librarians and the teaming users in general, especially in the area of awareness of social media tools, service delivery via social media tools and overcoming challenges facing librarian while using several media in providing services.


    The study investigates librarians’ competencies and students’ satisfaction with information services in University of Uyo Library. Three objectives, three research questions and three hypotheses were formulated for the study. The study covered University of Uyo library. Ex-post facto research design was used for the study. The population of the study comprised 1,855 registered users in the University of Uyo Library during the 2016/2017 academic session. The sample size of the study was 185 respondents using 10% of the total population. Simple random sampling techniques were used to select sample size for the study. The data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation for all the three research questions; while t-test were used for test the three null hypotheses. The finding of the study shows that there is a significant influence of librarians’ knowledge of information resources on students’ satisfaction with information services. There is a significant influence of librarians’ technical skills on students’ satisfaction with information services. There is a significant influence of librarians’ interpersonal skills on students’ satisfaction with information services. The study was recommended that the Librarians should be well grounded in the knowledge of information resources that exist not only in academic library but other libraries and information centres in order to effectively serve the library community and create effective referral. Librarians as a matter of urgency should strive to develop themselves in information literacy and information technology as these are important in the present knowledge economy in order to remain relevant as information service provider and this can be gotten through continuing education, workshops, seminars and conferences. Librarians should always wear a friendly outlook in the discharge of their duties in order to create a positive environment for collaboration that will engender maximum use of the library resources to the satisfaction of the information need…

  • Information Sources and Utilization of Library Resources and Services by the Students of Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

    The study investigates information sources and utilization of library resources and services in Federal University Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. Three objectives and three research questions were formulated for the study. The study covered students of the Federal University Otuoke. Survey design was used for the study. The population of the study was 297 students out of which two hundred and ninety five (295) was completed for analysis. Accidental sampling technique was used for the study. The data collected were analyzed using mean and standard deviation for all the three research questions. The finding of the study shows that there is a positive relationship between availability and utilization of library resources and services. There is a positive relationship between availability and utilization of library resources and services. There is a positive relationship between availability and utilization of library resources and services. The study was recommended that the librarian should endeavor to stock the library with those information resources which are in high request as this would lead to increased utilization by the library patrons. Librarians should ensure that library resources with subject scope, fact and concepts are acquired as this would boost all information resources acquired by the library. There should be a database that provides information resources which enables library patrons to search for information electronically.

  • Perception of Child-bearing Women on Child Spacing Information in Polygamous Homes in Kusfa Area of Zaria City, Nigeria

    Maternal mortality is a major cause of concern in developing countries. To reduce maternal mortality several public health agencies diffused child spacing information to the public. However, while most people accept and use child spacing information there remain some individuals that are resistant to it especially in developing countries. Resistance to information about child spacing is a major public health issue in developing countries, particularly in Nigeria. Using Chatman’s (2000) theory of normative behavior as a theoretical framework to guide the investigation. This study therefore set out to explore the perception of child-bearing women on child spacing information in polygamous homes in Kusfa Zaria City. A qualitative research methodology was adopted. Data were collected using in-depth interview with ten child-bearing women. Purposive sampling was used to identify respondents. To be included as respondent the following three criteria must be met: 1) have to be child-bearing women in polygamous homes in Kusfa Area of Zaria city, 2) 20-45 years of age and 3) must have a minimum of four children over the last six years. Data from respondents were analyzed using thematic analysis. Findings revealed that, injection, pills, condom, IUD and implant were the type of child spacing information communicated to child-bearing women and perceived these type of child spacing information with apprehension and suspicion. This study posit that for a sustained acceptance and use of child spacing information there is the critical need for policy makers and information professionals to design child spacing information services based on the social and cultural dynamics of the Kusfa community Zaria city.

  • Negative Experiences of Flood Victims and the Roles of Librarians and Mental Health Counselors: A Qualitative Case Study of Flood Victims in Kaduna State, Nigeria

    Flood is one of the unwanted disasters human beings experience on this earth. In order to propose for post-traumatic therapies for flood victims, this study was set up to find out the negative experiences of flood victims in Kaduna state Nigeria during and after flood disasters that occurred in 24th August, 2018. Specifically, the role of Librarians and mental health Counselors can play to cope with the undesirable experience. In order to achieve these unique objectives, qualitative research methodology was adopted and interviewed ten (10) participants. Findings of this study revealed that shocked and confused Stranded Lost of valuable materials mocking from neighborhood were the negative experiences of flood victims in Kaduna state Nigeria during and after flood disasters that occurred in 24th August, 2018. Finally, the researchers proposed some recommendations for practical intervention.

  • A Preliminary Study of the Role of University Library in the Age of Fragmented Reading

    In China, the development and the wide usage of mobile Internet and intelligent terminal devices have exerted a huge impact on people’s reading patterns. Reading has entered the “Fragmentation Era”, and “Fragmented Reading” has become the major pattern of reading.This paper expounds the advantages and disadvantages of fragmented reading and the influence of the major trend of fragmented reading on college students’ reading and what role should university library play and what reading service should it provide in the age of fragmented reading.

  • To describe the prevalence data in new cases of leprosy in the years 2013 to 2015 in Pernambuco

    Introduction: Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. It has eminent persistence in Brazil, which occupies the second place in the ranking with the highest number of new cases in the world. The upper airways are the main entrance and exit port for the bacillus, and the transmission occurs in close and prolonged contact with the carrier. Objective: To describe the prevalence data in new cases of leprosy in the years 2013 to 2015 by sample of municipalities of the State of Pernambuco with more than 100 new cases. Methodology: It is a study in secondary databases, through the Basic Data indicators of Brazil, a tool integral to the health information system, using quantitative analysis of variables. Results: Jaboatão dos Guararapes and Petrolina are municipalities that presented a significant increase in the number of new cases, contrasting the values from 2013 to 2015, with 256 and 283 respectively. On the other hand, Olinda and Recife in the same period, presented an expressive decrease, in which Olinda in 2013 obtained 225 new cases; in 2015, the number of new cases was 207. Recife was the municipality that presented the most expressive results of reduction of cases: from 603 new cases in 2013 to 484 new cases in 2015. Discussion: Although some municipalities present a reduction in new cases, in general it can be said that there were significant increases in the number of new cases when all counties. Conclusion: The analysis of these data show the need to reorganize on the deficiencies present in the programs and policies related to leprosy, as disregard the growing increases in new cases over the years is to allow the spread of a disease that can lead the individual to severe disability.

  • Disabled pronouness filling: an entrance to health services

    Introduction: Information is a fundamental element in the analysis of health situations, because they offer subsidies for the planning and organization of services. At the end of 2015 new cases of children born with microcephaly associated with Zika Virus infection were registered. These children were introduced into the network of attention to the disabled person for early stimulation and developmental follow-up. It is hoped that the record of the attention given to these children will be correctly made in the medical records, which are the formal instruments of the interventions made by the professionals. Objectives: To describe the quality of records made of medical records of children diagnosed with microcephaly accompanied at a level III Specialized Rehabilitation Center in the state of Alagoas. Method: This is a descriptive and cross-sectional research, where the records of the secondary data were analyzed in medical records of children diagnosed with microcephaly, accompanied at a specialties center. It were monitored the filling of related variables: age, gender, cephalic perimeter (CP) and Neonatal Screening Tests (NSTs); The origin and infections related to the gestational period of the mothers of these children. Results: A total of 30 medical records were evaluated, where they presented fragility in the filling, being the variables related to origin and sociodemographic aspects the most precarious. Discussion: It was verified the absence of exams recommended by the Ministry of Health, the records of the conducts were not clearly described, besides the absence of a standardized evaluation form. Conclusion: It can be evidenced that there is precariousness in the filling of documents that characterize the monitoring of children with microcephaly in a specialized rehabilitation center, preventing the delineation of the sociodemographic profile of the users, as well as the correct mapping of the origin of the cases. This lack of data limits correct…

  • To describe the epidemiological profile of women with breast cancer, in Pernambuco, from 2009 to 2014

    Introduction: Breast cancer is a serious public health problem, due to its high incidence, morbidity, mortality and its high cost of treatment. It is the second most frequent type of cancer in Brazil and the world and the most frequent among women. It is perceived that its incidence is higher in developing countries. In Brazil, breast cancer mortality rates remain high because the disease is still diagnosed in advanced stages. Objective: To describe the epidemiological profile of women with breast cancer, in Pernambuco, from 2009 to 2014. Method: A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out based on the quantitative data from the public domain of the Ministry of Health, referring to the incidence of breast cancer from July 2009 to February 2014. Only Cases of malignant neoplasm in women, considering the following variables: race, schooling, age group and histopathological grade. Results and discussion: During the period considered for data collection, there were 2,281 cases of breast cancer in the Pernambuco Region, with an increasing trend over the years. Regarding the age group, the majority of women (17%) were older than 70 years at the time of diagnosis of malignant lesions, followed by women between 50 and 54 years (14%). Regarding education, 87% is ignored, followed by incomplete elementary education (6%). Brown women (26%) represent the largest part of the contingent diagnosed. Regarding the histological grade, 67% was invaluable, while grades II and III represent 31%. Conclusion: It is evident the need for continuity in investments in the development of comprehensive actions for the control of cancer, in the different levels of performance, as well as the continuity of feeding of the Information Systems, since it is knowing its epidemiological profile through the years that the actions May be better elaborated.

  • Public spending with relocation hospital for diabetes mellitus in Pernambuco in the last 5 years

    Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is a disease, which affects large populations the state of Pernambuco, becoming a public health problem. People with this disease who are seeking care in public, can also receive care in agreements networks of the Unified Health System (SUS), which receives financial transfers from the Ministry of Health, through its three levels: Federal, State and County. DM uncontrolled was responsible for 30,106 hospitalizations in the past 5 years, bringing costs that could be avoided. Objective: present the annual costs of hospitalizations for DM in the public and private system of the state of SUS and Pernambuco. Methodology: This is um-descriptive study with cross-section from the public domain data available in the system Information SUS Hospital- SIH / SUS processed by DATASUS Diabetes mellitus. Data collection was carried out considering the years 2012 to 2016, using the expenditure data with admissions of derivative financial resources. To analyze the data we used the absolute values. Results and Discussion: In the period studied the total value dand used funds was R$ 20,545,949.98. The value used in 2012 was R$ 3,895,248.58 in 2013 R$ 4,516,990.86 in 2014 R$ 4,275,578.10 in 2015 R$ 3,837,742.69 in 2016 and R$ 4,020,389.75. The age group with more admissions were people between 60 and 79 years, totaling 13,796 cases, of both sexes. These quantitative belong to a network of 237 health facilities that are distributed throughout the state. Conclusion: With the improvement of health policy strategies in primary care, proper allocation of resources and efficiency in administration can achieve a reduction in the number of illnesses, thus reducing the value used to the hospitalization.