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  • Impact of Logistics Strategy on Projects’ Success: A Field Study of Residential Complexes in Khartoum State

    There is considerable growth in the construction projects in Khartoum State. That growth makes progressive organizations, in the construction sector, embark on a journey of applying concept and principles of executing project management. Based on that, there is great increase in the number of residential complexes in Khartoum State. These housing projects have been executed by companies adapting project management philosophy. And to obtain the best results from the process of executing construction projects, many factors should be given a huge consideration. One of these factors is logistics services. Logistics services play a significant role in the success of any construction project. All construction projects materials are obtained through logistics channels. Therefore, any issue in logistics process will seriously affect the output of the construction projects. And these issues have been affecting many construction projects and seriously affect the quality, cost and time of the final outputs of the construction projects. This research found that logistics strategy plays a significant role in the successful execution of the construction projects. Moreover, this research tested the moderator role of lean logistics in the relationship between logistics strategy and the successful execution of the construction projects.

  • Use of item response theory in marketing research

    There are three purposes of this paper. The first is to present a brief introduction to item response theory in conjunction with marketing research. The second is to present a review of the current uses of item response theory in representative marketing research journals. The third is to present an example that illustrate and contrasts classical test theory and item response theory approaches to item and scale analysis. Several item response theory relevant papers were recently published in various marketing research journals. Because models under item response theory, from simple to complex, were used without any systematic introduction in marketing research, this paper briefly presents the main concepts in item response theory. A content analysis was done for the second purpose with 30 item response theory relevant articles in marketing research journals. Articles were sorted based on the taxonomy of item response theory models. Many articles reviewed relied on some type of unidimensional dichotomous item response theory models. Articles published recently within the past 10 years used more complicated item response theory models, both mathematically and statistically, than other previously published articles in marketing research journals. Lastly, data from a scale with three Likert-type items of four response categories were analysed using a traditional approach based on item statistics and coefficient alpha as well as using an item response theory approach by employing the graded response model. Main concepts of item response theory were explicated with figures.

  • Determination of Business Sustainability Probability for Leading Industrial Products in Tasikmalaya City

    The leading industrial products of Tasikmalaya City are facing competition from similar products and synthetic products. It is feared that this could threaten the business sustainability. This study aims to examine the determinants of the sustainability of the leading industrial products of Tasikmalaya City. Primary data were obtained through focus group discussions (FGD), interviews and questionnaires in five locations. The analytical tool used is an ordered logit model which used to estimate equations with dependent variables that are qualitative. There are five variables were obtained that explained the three aspects of the probability for the sustainability of the leading industry in Tasikmalaya City. This research find that the biggest determination of business sustainability probability is online product promotion. The more promotion efforts from off-line to online, probability of turnover development increase by 365 times. Interestingly, the chance of business success only rose by 0.682 given the factors that determine the supply product such as certification, product development cooperation, awareness of the importance of green industries, access to financing sources, patents, technical guidance, marketing training and product promotion, price stability of raw materials, assistance of tools and machinery also determines the sustainability of the business.


    The incidence of cholecystitis with cholelithiasis is increasing day by day either acute or chronic cases. Gall stones are the most common cause of acute cholecystitis in 90-95% of the cases. The management of acute cholecystitis is still laparoscopic cholecystectomy in urban area of India but in rural area open cholecystectomy is still preferred method of surgery for acute as well as chronic gall stone. Our study was conducted on 100 patients divided into two groups of 50 of each to compare the results of open cholecystectomy between acute and chronic cases. The overall post-operative morbidity was more in acute cases. But there was significant difference in the total hospital stay and total cost of the therapy in both the groups. drain output was also high in first three days in acute case so, acute case cholecystectomy was found to be more expensive overall and higher length stay and more co morbidities than chronic cases.


    In recent years, globally there is an incredible boost in stem cell research has kindled the expectations of both patients and physicians. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) seem to represent a future powerful tool in regenerative medicine, owing to their availability, ease of manipulation, and therapeutic potential, therefore they are particularly important in medical research. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are capable self-renewing, multipotent progenitor cells with multilineage potential to differentiate into cell types, such as adipocytes, cardiomyocytes, endothelial cells and vascular smooth muscle cells, although the relative contribution of trilineage differentiation and paracrine effectors on cardiac repair. MSCs shows to have the beneficial effects of MSC-based therapies offers most attractive options to treatment of wide range of diseases from cartilage defects to cardiac disorders. Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are an important cause of death and disease worldwide. Because injured cardiac tissue cannot be repaired itself, it is urgent to develop other alternate therapies. Stem cells can be differentiated into cardiomyocytes, endothelial cells, and vascular smooth muscle cells for the treatment of CVDs. In addition to cardiac stem cells, mesenchymal stem cells represent another multipotent cell population in the heart; these cells are located in regions near pericytes and exhibit regenerative, angiogenic, antiapoptotic, and immunosuppressive properties.


    Falls among residents in the long-term care setting adversely affect resident health with potential for serious injury and quality of care provided. Nurses at the long-term care facility recognize the need to reduce falls. The nurses propose the intervention and name the initiative Safety Snacks. The research questions are: in a long-term care facility, does the practice of additional rounding while providing snacks twice daily, decrease the incidence of falls and falls with serious injury as compared to not providing Safety Snacks over a three-month period? Will unintended weight loss change by additional rounding during which nourishment and fluids are given to residents twice daily over a three-month period? The study examines the number of falls, falls with serious injury, and unintended weight loss before and after the Safety Snacks intervention. Poissons Means Test and odds ratio are used for fall data analysis. A two-proportion z-test is used for weight loss data. The results demonstrate a reduction in falls and falls with serious injury. The odds ratio demonstrates a medium effect in falls with serious injury. The two-proportion test on unintended weight loss yields a significant difference of 0.09 with a 95% confidence interval of (0.015, 0.17). One implication is the increase in rounding while providing nutrition and hydration may reduce falls and falls with serious injury. The second implication is the more significant effect on unintended weight loss with providing Safety Snacks. The third implication is the empowerment of nurses to recommend and execute a change in practice to improve quality.

  • The Analysis of Frequency Terms Used in Rating Scales

    The purpose of this paper is to provide a contemporary analysis of frequency terms commonly used in rating scales that are based on differing degrees of frequency with which events happen. A total of 20 frequency terms was analyzed using empirical data as well as employing a lexical database. Use of clearly separable frequency terms is imperative for the construction of a set of rating scales as an effective measuring instrument.

  • Gravity defined precisely with quarks – squaring the circle to achieve fine description of black hole physics, and understanding the formation of key constellations

    Gravity is redefined by drawing on the author’s works and inputting quark physics in a way consistent with it ; it allows to better understand black hole dynamics, black hole eruptions and some constellation patterns in the sky (the Scorpio, Ursa Minor and Ursa Major as well as Cassiopea for instance). The concept of gravitational lensing is rapidly differenciated from black hole eruptions. Some final remarks underline a possible threat for missions to the Moon.

  • Impact of age on the characteristics and medical care of chronic hepatitis C patients treated with direct-acting antivirals

    Aim: Chronic hepatitis C is more severe in elderly patients. In France, Direct Acting Antiviral therapy must be implemented via multidisciplinary team meetings in regional reference centers. This study aimed to define the impact of age on hepatitis C characteristics and medical care types across three groups: 70-yo. Methods: All patients with treated hepatitis C virus mono-infection during 8 to 24 weeks were included. Group comparison was based on 21 hepatitis C characteristic and medical care variables. Results: Male predominance decreased in >50-yo (59.7% vs. 72.5%, p 70-yo (36.2%, p 50-yo (27.8% vs. 51.9%, p=0.02) and increase in transfusion and nosocomial infection to 30% in >70-yo. Advanced fibrosis increased in >50-yo (57.5% vs. 41.5%, p 70-yo affected. Psychiatric comorbidity incidence was halved in >70-yo (7.1% vs. 14.8%, p


    Purpose: To achieve a relationship between oil machinery fluid (OMF) and the damage this fluid produces in several eye structures. In neuro-oncology patients, we know there are several parasellar tumors; one of them is the craniopharyngiomas that can produce a cystic structure containing an oily material. It has been denominated as an oil machinery fluid (OMF); this fluid has not yet been widely studied. It is a widely held view that it produces toxic effects in the brain and other structures. This paper aims to see the toxicity of the OMF when administered directly in the brain and the changes produced in the rats’ eyes. Methods: 30 Wistar rats were divided into three groups, control, sham and experimental; the oil machinery fluid was obtained directly from human patients during surgery. The oil machinery fluid was administered to the rat thalamus by stereotaxic surgery. The subjects were under observation after the surgery for five weeks and sacrificed once the observation period ended. Finally, immunohistochemistry was performed on tissue recovered from the eyes. Results: We observed that in the experimental group, there was an increase in glucose levels, the coloration of the eyes changed to a pinkish color, the lenses changed opacity, there were histological changes in the retina, and a reduction of the diameter of the optic nerve in this group in comparison with the control group. Conclusions: All the results observed in this model can be seen in human patients with craniopharyngiomas and diabetes. They are leading us to think that the oil machinery fluid alone can produce ocular changes by damaging several structures by the toxicity created by this fluid.